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to summarize and articulate the mission and manner of The American Society of Mechanical Engineers,  clearly conveying the vital and expanding role of the association while engaging members, employees

and volunteers.



to ensure a representative balance between ASME’s legacy of engineering products and services while presenting its evolving role as key solution forum for critical issues facing humankind.



create a brief brand statement and a series of message themes built upon key ASME characteristics,

areas of strategic focus and competitive advantage.


Conducted internal brand research with key stakeholders

- interviewed ASME senior leaders and subject matter experts to understand current brand perceptions

- reviewed and assessed recent customer research and competitive analysis of like minded organizations

- outlined and reported on research findings to set baseline for brand development exercises


Drafted Preliminary Brand Statement

Critical elements included:

-principal Mission (why do we exist)

-brand Attributes (dynamic, emotive concepts aligned ASME)

-key Differentiators (what sets us apart)


Drafted Key Messages Aligned with Brand Statement

These short statements were designed to further outline the brand’s focus:

-Relevance: providing real solutions for real world challenges

-Engagement: promoting the role of engineering

-Collaboration: sharing a wealth of knowledge

-Global Perspective: seeing, shaping and influencing “the big picture”



- The branding process was well-received by ASME’s diversified leadership/management

- Key Messages were integrated into all internal communication vehicles

- ASME employees, active members and the larger engineering community reported that new

   brand helped clarify the association’s mission and global scope of activities.


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