Delta was seeking to reduce costs and increase revenues.  Its TechOps division—the 10,000 employees responsible for maintenance and repair of the fleet’s airplanes—represented a unique opportunity to do both.  TechOps could drive new revenue by providing maintenance and repair operations (MRO) for other airlines also looking to reduce costs.  To increase efficiencies and create capacity to service other carriers, Delta planned on implementing LEAN within TechOps.



Delta had to ensure TechOps staff understood the urgency of the initiative, while addressing employee anxieties surrounding LEAN, including its implications around job security.



We were hired to develop a LEAN communication strategy for enlisting the commitment and support of Delta employees. Working with TechOps leadership, LEAN Black Belts and Delta Corporate Communications, we developed a compelling and engaging awareness & change readiness campaign.

Raising Awareness about LEAN: It’s about creating capacity—and jobs

- wrote a Key Message Document providing facts about the transformation called,

   “Working Smarter—Not Harder”

- developed a series of executive call-in shows to field questions from employees

   on the implications of LEAN

- co-managed  a series of Town Hall Meetings to address concerns and timeframes for

   LEAN implementation


Developed a TechOps Transformation Website—this is a team effort

- leveraged a branded identity for the transformation as an anchor/moniker

   for all communications

- wrote succinct copy to describe the TechOps objectives and expectations

   around the initiative

- designed a comprehensive, easy-to-use website for news and information on

   the LEAN transformation

















• Employee anxieties about LEAN’s were greatly reduced due to precise information

  and 2-way communication

• TechOps website received over 50,000 visits in its first 30 days

• Delta’s LEAN rollout and employee certification program was ahead of schedule

• TechOps earned a 20% increase MRO fees from services provided to other carriers



Delta needed to reestablish trust and credibility with passengers and employees

following a difficult corporate restructuring.



The airline developed a new brand campaign to signal its turnaround and renewed focus. But Delta wanted employees to understand and support the brand strategy before the new ads appeared so they could more effectively deliver on the brand’s promise to passengers.



A multi-tiered internal campaign that included the following phases:


Raising Awareness

- conducted survey to gauge employee understanding of Delta’s current brand

- assessed internal communication effectiveness/preferences

- developed a communication strategy to introduce the new brand internally

Identifying Employee Brand Behaviors

- solicited employee suggestions on behaviors that would support the new brand

- developed strategy for translating brand into specific actions employees could

   take in their day-to-day activities

- worked with management to link performance metrics to these behaviors


Generating Excitement/Creating Readiness

- developed a manager’s “brand-toolkit” to support brand communication

- produced employee “Brand Expo” at major Delta terminals across the U.S.

- created internal video of new tv commercials, logo, and airplane signage



















• Delta’s new brand was widely praised as “fresh” and “real” for passengers

• new brand communications was hailed by employees as “inclusive and informative”

• passenger satisfaction ratings increased by 35% within six months of launch

• management is committed to ongoing brand workshops for employees

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