The rapid pace of change at Sikorsky’s Research & Engineering Division was creating an enterprise-wide challenge for management.  As the complex dynamics of the industry and the company shifted, employees became concerned about how their jobs—and their lives—might be affected. 


Employee surveys showed people at R&E were feeling disenfranchised and disconnected from management due to a lack of formal internal communication.


We developed a strategy to unify, focus and engage employees to increase individual and organizational performance.  Here’s what we did:

Created a brand identity for the Research & Engineering Division

- led an identity development team with Sikorsky senior management 

- studied competitors and related organizations to inform development process

- developed an identity incorporating key brand attributes of Sikorsky R&E       


Developed an R&E intranet

- identified key management and employee information requirements

- worked with leadership, branding, marketing and legal to develop content

- provided graphic design, copywriting, programming and QA testing


Produced an R&E Semi-Annual Report

- developed editorial calendar and graphic design guide for the 35-page report

- graphic design and copywriting and direct mail kit for the Semi Annual

- managed development, production, and mailing of book to employees’ homes

Designed a branded recruitment campaign entitled, "You've Arrived"

- theme designed to appeal to prospective candidates and new hires

- content celebrated the enduring engineering legacy of Igor Sikorsky

- campaign served an anchor for all new employee onboarding materials


-feedback from management and staff was swift, enthusiastic and appreciative

-engagement levels increased 60% following launch of communication vehicles

-site developments and follow-up Semi-Annual Reports were commissioned

-You've Arrived campaign deemed huge success by corporate human resources

Sikorsky R&E brand identity

Research & Engineering Intranet

R&E Semi Annual Report

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