lasting change only happens when employees feel informed, involved and inspired to achieve success

we develop communication strategies that forge powerful

connections with your employees—the people who are    

your brand and achieve the objectives that are your business



We're communication professionals with extensive experience in marketing,

branding, employee engagement, human resources and change management.

We help clients manage big organizational changes, like new leadership,

mergers & acquisitions, corporate restructuring, quality improvement initiatives, brand campaign launches and human resources programs, to name a few.

Our experience as communicators—and as employees—has shaped our unique perspectives on what works (and what doesn't) in organizational communication.

We balance an inherent desire to be engaging and creative with a practical focus

on achieving business objectives.

We don't deal in jargon, we focus on results. 





We combine the art and science of effective communication to focus and motivate your people to go beyond the call in achieving individual and organizational goals. 

We think of your employees as your internal clients—and they're getting more sophisticated all the time. They're media saavy and they have a pretty low tolerance for messages that don't satisfy their information needs. And if what they hear sounds hollow or irrelevant, they tune out completely.

We believe communication with employees should be as artfully crafted and carefully executed as your advertising and branding programs. That's why we apply many of the same approaches typically used to connect with customers:


  • conducting targeted research

  • identifying desired stakeholder behaviors

  • aligning messages with audiences

  • determining appropriate message frequency

  • developing creative & compelling messages 

  • integrating various communication platforms

  • creating dynamic feedback mechanisms

  • measuring campaign effectiveness

  • retooling & refining messaging as necessary





  • assessing workplace culture              and  change readiness
  • identifying obstacles to               effective communication
  • crafting messages linked               directly to business objectives
  • aligning messages & media
  • communication planning
  • measuring effectiveness
  • brand/identity development 
  • graphic design
  • copywriting/editing
  • web and multi-media
  • social network planning                  and integration
  • film and video
  • digital visual effects
  • illustration
  • event development, planning and management
(resource sharing)
if your communication resources are under-staffed or over-tasked (or both), our Co-Author service can provide scalable levels of support tailored to meet your specific needs and timeframes.     



brand development






not actual size...

Our talented team of perma-lancers has worked together since 2002. Each team member brings a wealth of corporate and/or agency communication experience and a passion for solid client service.


For our clients, this means access to a scalable talent pool with expertise in strategy, employee engagement, cultural assessment, organizational design, branding, graphic design, copywriting,         web architecture, social network integration, and human resource communications. 


Our teams are assembled to meet your specific project requirements, so you only pay for what you really need.  We call that value. 




We're not the only ones with bright ideas. 


Zero Gravity Group clients also benefit from our alliances with service providers specializing in      

various aspects of stakeholder engagement, talent management and organizational effectiveness.


Their specific expertise, combined with their service excellence and collaborative approach to           problem solving, make each of these firms a valuable addition to our core offerings.





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