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Internal Communication - turns out, it isn't rocket science

I’d like to say successful internal communication is like rocket science. But some of my clients are actually in the rocket science business and, turns out, it’s pretty different.

For one thing, internal communication doesn’t require nearly as much math, thankfully. And, if done well, it doesn’t produce nearly as much fire and smoke.

But there are commonalities. Both require generating and harnessing enormous amounts of energy to gain forward progress. And like aerospace engineering, effective internal communication does require clarity, collaboration, idea sharing, long-term planning, testing, refinement and precise execution.

But unlike the complex and exacting rigor of rocket science, successful internal communication can usually be achieved by sticking to a few basic rules of the road:

Keep it Simple (use language your employees understand--talk with them, not over them)

Keep it Real (be genuine in your messaging; honesty goes a long way with people)

Keep it Coming (consistent and timely messages can foster trust, credibility and loyalty)

Alright, so smart, engaging, creative employee communication may not move rocket ships.

But done well, it has been known to move a mountain or two.

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