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Tomorrow Starts Today- or soon, hopefully



Employee town hall meeting - the newest news from the latest leader. Vision, strategy, goals. Teamwork. You know. Then, Q&A.

The first few softballs are fielded easily by the Ivy-leaguer. After a beat, from somewhere in

the back, Maggie raises her hand. Surprising, because Maggie’s the quiet sort. The arrive-early-stay-late-get-it-done type. Ten years on the job she doesn’t ask for much, just a fair shake.

The microphone comes her way. She clears her throat.

MAGGIE: I’m Maggie, from marketing. First, thanks for being here today.

LEADER: (a smile) My pleasure, Maggie. So what’s on your mind?

MAGGIE: Employee morale.

LEADER: Uh-huh.

MAGGIE: With the economy so erratic, employees feel nervous about the future – their future.

LEADER: Certainly, but as I just explained in my five-point plan, ‘Tomorrow Starts Today’…

MAGGIE: …Yes, that was all very interesting, but it didn’t address – incentives.

LEADER: Au contraire.

MAGGIE: Pardon?

LEADER: (another smile). You see Maggie, when the company wins, we all win. Increased earnings fund programs to recognize and reward our best employees – like our new "Nice Goin’" campaign. (holds up baseball cap, with colorful, embroidered logo).

MAGGIE: Pretty.

LEADER: Hey, we don’t just give these bad boys away, you know? And don’t forget our Perfect Attendance Plaques, and our new “Sushi for Your Thoughts” suggestion box. Just a few ways we’re showing our appreciation for our greatest asset – our employees.

MAGGIE: I was thinking, like, something else.

LEADER: (leans in, smiles). Like what?

MAGGIE: Like – profit sharing or employee stock ownership. Could really motivate people.

You know, give us a piece of the pie we’re baking.

LEADER: Well yes, but research indicates employees prefer everyday gestures of recognition more than money. Cash comes and goes, but this? (holds up baseball cap). This lasts.

MAGGIE: Here’s some more research. (reads newspaper). Says here, last year CEO’s earned

360 times that of their average worker. (crowd gasps, she looks up). That’s a lot of pie, no?

LEADER: (drops cap) Yes, well, we can certainly look at these types of programs. Of course,

it’ll take time to evaluate. Won’t happen overnight.

MAGGIE: That’s alright. As you say, tomorrow starts today.

LEADER: Right. Or soon, hopefully. (looks around) Any other questions?

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