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Baby, I'm malaised...

It’s in the air. This sweeping feeling of – disorientation. Disconnection. And it's not just post-holiday blues. The world seems a little more out of joint that usual. Sure, the sun still rises and sets, but in between, things are definitely different.

People you thought you knew well, well, turns out you didn’t. Matters you’ve always accepted as common sense, well, maybe not so. And who remembers back to when a fact was a fact?

It’s enough to cloud your focus, sap your energy, make you doubt your best instincts. Left unchecked, it can fester into a kind of malaisement.

So by all means - check it.

Push back on negativism. Remember, we humans are extremely resilient creatures. Adaptable and ingenious; resourceful and inventive. And by nature, very social and benevolent beings; Black Friday sales events notwithstanding.

Throughout time, we’ve come up with inspiring solutions to ensure our survival and peaceful coexistence: the wheel, electricity, the HOV lane on the Long Island Expressway. We are an amazing species, capable of incredible achievements. And I’m guessing we’re capable of

much, much more, all of us.

It’s a New Year. A big one, a decade-ender. Make it count. Rise up to your challenges.

Be true to your selves. Be patient with others.

And refuse to accept malaisement in 2019.

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