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Why do you work there?

Facilitated an internal brand workshop not long ago...

A new leader wanted to know how employees were feeling about working at the company. It wasn’t a kumbaya gathering, it was a genuine fact finding mission to identify workplace issues that might be percolating, but not officially addressed.

One of the leader’s questions was: "Why do you work here?" Some funny one-liners gave way to more thoughtful, introspective responses. One stood out: “Because I feel like what I do here really matters.” There was broad consensus.

It impressed me. I thought back on my own career and realized that there weren’t many instances where I truly felt that way. But there were a few. And I never felt more energized, productive and happy then when I worked in those in those places.

Of course there are many practical considerations that go into our work lives and choices, but if you don’t feel like what you do at work really matters, ask yourself – why do you work there?

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